Yes, we gather your personal information. We will use it only for handling your orders and shipments. For details, please visit Privacy policy page.

We promote masters of lure making. You may, if you wish, buy their products. The way to do it is you browse our offers, register to particular master’s web shop and choose and pay your desired products. We take only PayPal payments, since this payment method protects you and the seller.

This portal is dedicated mostly to Serbian masters of lure making. By registering and ordering you commit that you will carry through any transaction you have started. If you order some of the products, you are legally bind to pay for them two days after your order the latest. Also, if you change your mind, you need to cancel your order 24 hours after you made it, the latest!

To sell on this portal, you’ll need to register as a salesman, choose your selling plan and make appropriate payment depending on the plan you’ve chosen. After that you’ll be able to fill your chosen plan with content, for example text and images, and set up your web shop. In that case, you are obligated not to upload any pornographic, offensive, violent, racist, or any other content that is forbidden by international laws, ethics, moral etc. We also don’t allow images of slaughtered fish and any other content that promotes fish torture, excessive catch etc. In those case, we keep our right to disconnect you from this portal, even you have payed all the fees.

If you become a salesman on this portal, you need to pay the fee every time you make a sales. Those fees vary depending on your selling plan. To see our fees, please check out HERE.

There are no fees for buyers. The price you see under each product is your final amount for paying.

Most of our masters deliver and ship from Serbia, using the service of Post of Serbia for this purpose. The delivery is made by airmail, to your home address. Sending the packages from Serbia is easy and free for you, or it’s calculated to lure’s price.

Shipping time depends on your location, and we can’t give you exact time, but please allow up to 24 work days for your shippment to be delivered to you.

Most of the lures we promote here are handmade and most of them needs to be made for you. Each website here and each master has specified the time needed for your order to be made. Please check out each master website’s pageĀ  general terms and info in order to find out those details.