Unique wooden box lure combo – On demand


Free worldwide shipping via Post of Serbia. Delivered by airmail with tracking code. Product is packed in wooden box and cardboard box as shipping package. Both lures and wooden box are wrapped in protective foil.

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This combo contains two lures, a cranckbait and a popper, both big game fishing lures, 14 cm and 80 g, top water and shallow runner. Made of bass wood, bulletproof, hardly expected to be chewed by any predator out there.
Lures are hand carved and painted to be as realistic as can. They all have stainless trough wire Savage Gear last meter split rings, Mustad Kaiju single inline salt water hooks.
Lures are displayed in linden two-slot box and clear top.
Lures are protected with epoxy clear coating and polyurethane coatings, all in all seven of them.
(This combo is already a part of private collection, so it isn’t for sale. If you want to have you own combo, please contact me and we will together find the best combo for you!)
No Dancer like Disco Dancer!
Please note that all Dancer lures are unique. Lures presented in pictures are not the lures you will get, nor their box will be the same. Pictures are illustration of the product. The type of lures are the same, tho or could be of any wooden lures type you desire. Since lure decorations are also unique, I decorate the lures for your needs, mimicking bait fish, flash effect or any other feature of the most attractive bait for your favorite fishing target. 

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Weight 0.450 g
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 4 cm


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