10 cm Disco Bent – On demand


Bent lures are mostly acting dying bait fish on top of the water. Their name comes from their shape-they have bent body that is curved on it’s sides and sits on water surface laying on it’s side. Usually, they don’t have any action and you produce the action with different moves of your rod tip or reel winds.

This particular bent lure has unique action, moving first deeper from the surface, following with moves on one and other side of it’s horizontal axis. After few first reels let it pop to the surface , let it stay there a bit. In these moments fish usually takes this lure. You can also cast it to desired place and, using just your rod tip, twitch it gently which makes the lure act as dying fish and produce small waves around it self. This is very deadly technique against bass, asp, pike, perch, snake-head, chub or catfish, even big trout hunting bellow the surface in more shallow area with top water vegetation or debris.

The lure is uniquely decorated using reflective foils and glossy paints, hand carved and hand painted.

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