Browse the website, choose the lures you like and want, click ,Add to cart’ and follow further instructions. You will be asked to register to the website, create your short profile and put the address for delivery. After you pay, you will receive notifications about your payment and further steps. Wait a bit so your purchase arrives. After it does, please enjoy your new lures and bunch of fish caught on them. Also, please add review

I take any type of payment. But, for your and my protection, over this web shop I take payments only via PayPal. If from some reason you don’t want to pay via PayPal, please contact me using the contact form on page Contact, and we will find the solution that suits you.

I deliver via Post of Serbia. So far no complaints at all. Shipment is made by airplane, to your home or other given address. Before delivery, you will get the tracking code so you can follow up the status of your shipment.

I deliver my lures in a cardboard box, wrapped in protective foil. Some of my lures has also their custom made boxes, especially those made for professionals, with their names or logos on the boxes, for double protection and lure display while on a brake.¬† Please don’t make these brakes too long! Dancers love to dance to hypnotize and attract fishes. While on vacations, they will attract you and your friends. Well, they love this too, but they prefer fishes of all kinds!

I don’t take no returns of my once shipped lures. When the lure arrive to your address, I get the instant notice from the delivery people.

Since Dancer are already on all continents, I have experiences from all five of them. The longest shipping so far lasted three weeks. usually, USA, South America and Japan takes up to 7 working days. the longest delivery from Serbia took  four weeks or 28 days.

Most of my lures I deliver for free. In some cases this isn’t possible because of post office fees and regulations, so please check out the particular product. All products have the delivery explained in details.